PC Hardware Maintenance and Repair Review

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The Complete Guide to Networking and Network+

Has been awarded CompTIA's CAQC Seal of Approval

For information on using either of these books in the classroom contact Delmar Publishing/Thomson's Learning

Looking for the Perfect Book on PC Hardware?

You know the scene. The books for A+ Certification are too basic, and the hardware reference books are too advanced, too complex or full of mistakes. Here is a book about upgrading and repairing computers that covers the material covered on the A+ Certification Core Exam as well. This book was written by an experienced instructor what has taught both college level courses and A+ Certification boot camps. It reviews the most basic level of understanding all the way to an advanced understanding. Here you will learn the basics of IRQs and DMA channels in your system, but you will also learn how row access strobe and the column access strobe work together to find data in memory. You'll see how magnetic impulses store data on hard drives. All of key components of the system are covered. You won't find a better reference on how to repair your system.

Looking for the Perfect Book on Networking? 

Soon the perfect book on networking will be ready to join PC Hardware Maintenance and Repair on your reference shelf. The Complete Guide to Networking and Network+ is designed from the ground up to start out as the ideal text for either the classroom environment for Network+ Certification or for training centers to use in the "boot camp" environments. The Complete Guide is written in the same easy-going writing style that made PC Hardware so popular, but adds end-of-chapter exercises to enhance the learning experience for even entry-level students of networking. The candidate for Network+ Certification will find this to be the ideal primary study guide. Even the more advanced reader will find information he or she didn't know before. Watch for the Network+ Certification Lab Manual to accompany this text. Due out in September of 2003.

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Author Michael Graves would love to speak at your next seminar or lead a class in networking theory for your organization. 5-day A+ Certification and Network+ Certification Boot Camps can be taught on your site for a more reasonable fee than you might imagine. For details contact MGCL Consulting Services.

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